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The Leisure Company welcomes volunteers to our service, as we recognise the many skills volunteers can contribute. These skills and talents allow The Leisure Company to offer a better service to our consumers. That makes you very important to us!
The Leisure Company has volunteers assisting staff and service users in group activities during the day from Monday to Friday and the Recreation program has many volunteers who are involved in the various social and sporting activities. This provides support for staff and allows for integration as service users participate in activities alongside other community members.
The reasons for volunteering can be many and varied. Many people enjoy volunteering as they feel like they are contributing to the community.  Here are some more reasons to volunteer.

 As a student, you can:
 ·         Gain real work experience
 ·         Become familiar with your community
 ·         Learn and practice new skills
 ·         Make informed decisions about your future
 ·         Put theory into action

  As an unemployed person, you can
 ·         Gain work experience
 ·         Sharpen your skills
 ·         Gain a reference

  As an employed person, you can
 ·         Widen your skills and experience
 ·         Apply different talents
 ·         Take a different direction

  As a retired person, you can
 ·         Take time to do what you really want to do
 ·         Use your experience and skills to benefit others
 ·         Try something new
 ·         Meet new people

The Leisure Company would like to thank all our volunteers for their ongoing help and support.

The Leisure Company is always in need of new volunteers so if you have a spare hour or two during the week, day, evening or on the weekend please come into the Leisure Company at 73 Peter Street to collect an information package.