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Leisure Time - After School Activities

The Leisure Company is proud to announce the introduction of it's latest program, Leisure Time.

The need for after school activities for children with a disability has been identified by families in the local community; ‘Leisure Time’ After School Activities has been introduced to meet this need. 

Leisure Time will enable young people with a disability to access a structured and supported program after school which will allow them to participate in purposefully planned activities which will aim to support the participant - based on their individual ability. The activities will be developed based in the participant’s interests, and in conjunction with their parents, but will be selected from the following areas - school support, sports and recreation, leisure and hobbies, and arts, culture and technology.

Parents and carers can remain active members of the community and continue to work regular working hours knowing their child is in a safe environment with quality staff who can provide a link between home and school. The program will be based in our Peter St building, located conveniently in the CBD, with participants accessing the local community to stay true to our mission - to integrate people with a disability into the community.

Participants accessing the program will have another outlet other than school where they will be able to develop friendships and individual interests based on the activities provided. Participants will have the opportunity to further develop their school learning by providing a supported environment where they can increase numeracy and literacy skills through the use of technology; such as iPads, an interactive whiteboard and other multimedia devices; and through the support from skilled staff.

Participants will have the opportunity to meet new people and to build on their own skills and interests through the variety of planned activities. Participants accessing this program can expect to increase their self-esteem, engage in activities in a safe environment, partake in activities alongside people of the same ability, develop a pathway to establish new friendships, and have an awareness of the opportunities for young people with a disability in our community.

If you would like to find out more about Leisure Time, please call 69212330 . 

Ready to participate in the program? Download the Registration Pack below.


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